Bija Vida bags are yoga mat bags crafted from hand-woven, one-of-a-kind Guatemalan textiles. We are artisan-made & ethically sourced, doing our utmost to honor the ancestral traditions of Mayan women artists. A woman-owned, heart-centered business that marries the spirit of Guatemalan weaving with the sacredness of our yoga practice.



Bija means "seed" in Sanskrit and is the name that came to us as when we dreamed into being  this heart-centered business.  This idea started as a small seed of  hope and intention to bring more  light and love into the world.  With strength, support and a lot of determination the bija seeds were planted.  At the roots, our company strives  to :

                             ~  Protect  ancient Mayan artforms which are in danger of extinction due to years of cultural oppression & changing

                                  economic times

                             ~  Plant the seeds for economic growth and provide fair-wage work opportunities for Guatemalan artisans

                             ~  Empower women to be strong and bold in the pursuit of their dreams, both big and small

                               ~Honor the dream-seeds we all plant as artists and change-makers in the world

                              ~ Cultivate the spirit-seeds we each have planted  through engaging in community, spreading awareness,  and living in harmony  

                                  with our surroundings





Bija Vida is partnered with JUSTA Collective in providing free health and nutrition workshops to impoverished Guatemalan families. Our mission is to promote social entrepreneurship, sustainable development and holistic empowerment of women and families in Guatemala through education and market access. To do this, JUSTA aids communities in becoming self-sustainable, inspiring creativity, initiative, self-worth and opening alternative education opportunities to improve lives.  Essential in this mission is our Comida Vida program. Comida Vida means the food of life. This is a program which provides health and nutrition workshops, led by local experts, to local communities and schools. Watch this short video describing our program!

 We incorporate salvaged handwoven fabrics from designer Jed & Marne , a fellow collaborator in our efforts to connect gifted artisans to a global market.